"these Colors"

Jace n' Lee wrote a song to honor those that serve and have served in uniform at home and abroad.  Two members of the group are veterans and know personally how the incredible sacrifices made by these brave men and women affect their families and friends.

This song traces one of the many families that step up after the attack on Pearl Harbor, again during the Vietnam War, and finally after the cowardly attack by terrorists on New York's World Trade Center.  

Generation after generation,  the people of America have fought to protect our freedom.  We don't hesitate to "cut our hair and get a gun" when we need to defend this great nation of ours.  

That is why "These Colors" don't run!!!


Thank you again to those who serve and their families.

May God protect you from harm and bring you home safe.

                                      from the members of Jace n' Lee   



And now...from our newly recorded CD of the same name:

"These Colors"

 Now available on CD...click here.

This version posted on YouTube has photos....enjoy and remember.



This version was recorded live at the Inn of the Mountain Gods 

in Mescalero, NM

Jace n' Lee


Thank you for all your efforts supporting our Veterans!

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