The Texas KGB

              Dawg                       Jace                       Kelly

This IS NOT the Russian KGB hiding behind your sofa or coming to get you from the cold war.  Instead you will find the "Texas" KGB in your local club playing the music you love. (Maybe watch out for Dawg!)

The Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) is a trio of professional musicians that play "Original Americana Music" including Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative and more.  Based in Austin, TX, they travel the country playing various venues (clubs, festivals, and private shows). 

Kelly Green plays lead and slide guitar and has a clear strong voice you can hear all the way to the coast (doesn't matter, pick one)  Jace plays rhythm guitar and his soulful voice is the perfect compliment to Kelly's.  Dawg on drums rounds out the Texas KGB. 

 Here's a few Texas K.G.B. originals recorded live.  We plan to produce our first CD soon. 

Waltz into Texas by The Texas KGB.mp3

Jessie s Song by The Texas KGB.mp3

One More Time by The Texas KGB.mp3

Doctor Doctor by The Texas KGB.mp3

Out of Chaos by The Texas KGB.mp3

 And here's a couple of Covers as an example.  Thank you...Kelly, Jace and Dawg.

Down by the Water a Decemberists song covered by The Texas KGB.mp3

Love Me Like a Man a Bonnie Raitt song covered by The Texas KGB.mp3

 The Texas K.G.B. can be booked by calling Jeff Burnett at 404-821-0292.


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The Texas K.G.B. Photo Gallery....They DO have fun!  

So will your place when the come play for you....JnL Productions 

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