A Sad Announcement:

Jace, BB, Lou, Kelly and especially Dawg would like to send our condolences to

J. B. Walker and family for the loss of their daughter, Erica.

We love you and you are in our prayers!



Jace n' Lee would like to acknowledge and mourn the passing of a fellow musician and good friend, Mr. Tommy Martin. Tommy left us Monday, October 17th for better venues and we will miss him. Tommy started playing at the age of nine, taking up the steel guitar in 1974. Tommy has lived in the Ruidoso area since 1969. That's where we got to know him. Our condolences to the family....we will miss him greatly. Rest in Peace....Jn'L

Tommy Martin


Joel 'Taz' DiGregorio was killed in a car accident Wednesday night, October 12th. Taz, 67, was a longtime member of the Charlie Daniels' Band. We are all in shock....and want to extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and the CDB. We all will miss 'Taz'.

Deborah Highland, The Tennessean

Joel ‘Taz’ DiGregorio



Please take note:

 We want to thank you for your contributions to help our friends in Minot, ND that were stranded by the flood earlier in 2011.

Just in case you want to help more....

Here's a link to the Red Cross Mid-Dakota Chapter.


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